Increase your purchasing power and financial flexibility

You receive cash now in return for a share of your home's future value

Senior Couple

We are your equity partner.

We are not a loan.

There are no interest payments.

We achieve this by co-investing with you in your home.

You are free to use the funds to achieve your individual goals:  

  • Secure your retirement. 

  • Buy the home you truly want. 

  • Pay off your mortgage. 

  • Renovate your home. 

  • Eliminate your high interest debt.

If your home's value increases, we share with you in the gains.  If it decreases in value, we share in the downside as well.

How it works

Here's an example of the homebuyer contract process:

Maria needs $50k to reach a 20% down payment.

Request an estimate

Maria receives $50K from HomePace today. In exchange, she provides HomePace with the right to share in a predetermined percentage of her home's change in value when she sells.

Agree on Terms

HomePace wires Maria $50k for her home purchase.

Receive your funds

9 years later, Maria decides she wants to sell her home.

Time goes by

Maria sells her home, and the pre-determined percentage of the proceeds are distributed to HomePace to close out the contract. 

End Contract

In the above example, we gave Maria $50k

as a down payment on a $500k house.

Depending on the price Maria chooses to sell her home at, these are her potential outcomes...

Initial Home Value

Sale Price of Home

Maria's Proceeds

at Sale

Maria's Total Proceeds

(+$50k upfront)

Home Value Increases






Home Value Remains the Same





Home Value Decreases






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